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Does Salt Water Help Acne

Does Salt Water Help Acne

Apart from being a renowned food additive, salt water is also used to address a number of medical and health conditions - from soothing colds to treating scrapes and cuts. Salt, is by itself, the most common and easily available mineral on the planet. And considering the many uses that this naturally occurring compound has demonstrated to be capable of, you can't help but wonder; does salt water help acne? or more importantly; does washing your face with salt water help acne? Here's a comprehensive look at that.

Is salt water good for your skin?

Salt water and saline-based solutions have been used in dermatological circles as topical treatments and oral rinses for quite some time now. In fact, it is not unheard of for physicians to use salt water to treat superficial cuts and skin abrasions as standard first aid care. But, is salt water good for your skin?

Well, purely scientifically speaking, salt water can potentially prevent and treat a number of common skin infections through osmosis. Apparently, the salinity of salt water works to draw water molecules from the bacteria and their immediate surroundings thereby killing them or inhibiting their activity since they cannot survive without sufficient moisture content.

The benefits of salt water to the skin are not just limited to slowing down the proliferation of common disease-causing organisms. Saline water, especially the kind that you get in oceans and seas, pacls the following little-known upsides for your complexion.

It can Double-up as a Facial Toner

As unusual as it sounds, one of the many salt water benefits for skin is that it can act as a reliable and cheap facial toner. This DIY toner has demonstrated a remarkable ability to shrink pores, extract excess sebum from the skin and, generally, refresh and rejuvenate it. It's not uncommon, for instance, for your skin to feel refreshed and smooth after taking a quick dip in the ocean. What's more, spritz a bit of ocean salt water on your face after your usual cleansing routine and before applying your regular makeup to keep it oil-free the whole day if you have very oily skin that smudges your cosmetic products.

salt water for face

It's an Excellent Exfoliant

The grainy and coarse nature of a concentrated salt water solution can slough off dead/unwanted skin cells from your complexion. In a way, this tightens, softens, brightens and rejuvenates the skin for that elusive smooth tone that we desire. So, is ocean water good for your skin? Yes, especially if it has a grainy and granular texture.

It's Refreshing Facial Scrub

Provided you don't overly sensitive skin, salt water can double up as a rejuvenating and refreshing facial scrub if incorporated to one's regular skincare regimen. You see, one of the benefits of using sea salts for skin is that the mineral can boost skin cell turnover thereby making your skin smoother and softer than it already is.

Can be Used in Facial Masks

Not only does sea salt for skin get rid of excess and unneeded sebum but it can also aid in nourishing and hydrating one's complexion. Using sea salt for acne scars facial masks has been shown to balance out moisture content and oil production in the underlying layers of the skin.

at home all natural face mask

A Potent Detoxifying Agent

Since it's excellent at drawing out stuff, ocean water can also act as a free and natural detoxifier. Using salt for pimples sucks out bacteria and harmful toxins nestled deep in the dermis giving you a better chance at having glowing and youthful-looking skin.

Has Decent Skin Healing Properties

Sea salt for skin is believed to be helpful in alleviating a number of debilitating conditions such as excessive dryness, psoriasis, eczema which are not only uncomfortable but also does a number on one's self-esteem. The fact that ocean water contains a foray of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium means that it can impart some of these healing goodness to your epidermis leaving it feeling silky smooth and soft.

Makes Breakouts Less Common

As long as your skin is not easily irritated, washing face with salt water can make breakouts less common. Here's the thing, saline water naturally draws out bacteria. Don't forget, also, that it can tighten the skin pores and lessen the amount of pore-clogging sebum in them. All this makes the conditions on your face less conducive for acne-causing bacteria to thrive and colonize your complexion with zits and pits.

Does Salt Water Help with Acne: A Look at the Effects of Salt Water on Skin

The effects of salt water on skin, particularly one that is inflamed are a bone of contention. While some dermatologists tend to be of the opinion that saline water can help stave off mild breakouts, others believe that salt water actually does more harm than good. So, the million-dollar question is, does salt water help acne go away? or to be more specific, does washing your face with salt water help acne?

effects of salt water on skin

The most accurate answer is, yes and no. Yes, because using salt water as a rubbing spot treatment every so often may help diminish inflamed pimples. And no, because salt water can break down the delicate barrier of acne-ridden skin and aggravate it further. Bear in mind that salt water has the capacity to strip off natural oils from the skin which, in other words, drys it out. In people with active acne or excessively oily skin, this translates to the sebaceous glands being triggered to secrete even more oil, which could imply even more breakouts. What's more, salt water has the potential to interfere with the action of other acne treatment products that could be used to rein in the pimples.

So, if you have an acne problem, the best bet would be to invest in a true-and-tried acne treatment that employs well-researched and proven ingredients to minimize the severity of breakouts. An ideal example is the award-winning Aeno's Acne Treatment Natural Cream that has won the hearts and confidence of thousands of acne-sufferers just like you.

How to Make Use of Salt Water

As much as salt water is hardly effective against advanced acne and severe lesions, that doesn't take away anything from the scores of dermatological upsides that it packs. Hence, you can still make use of salt water as a body scrub, facial toner or salt bath using any of the following approaches:

Washing Face with Salt Water

The age-old practice of washing face with salt water harks back generations now. Apparently, salt can aid in deep-cleansing the pores, thwart bacteria and regulate oil production. This can reduce the frequency of moderate to mild breakouts. The best part is that washing face with salt water for acne is as simple and straightforward as it sounds. Mix a tablespoon of table salt with at least 4 cups of warm/pre-heated water in a spray bottle or jug. Use it as a natural or humidifying mist on dry and clean twice a day. Be sure to avoid the eyes while at it.

washing face with salt water

Steaming Face with Salt Water

You'd be surprised by the sheer number of skin benefits of steaming face with salt water. The most prominent of them revolve around the fact that salt can absorb toxins, grime, dirt as well as cleanse your pores deeply. Now here's the interesting part; the combination of steaming water and salt’s mineral content could aid in the restoration and rejuvenation of your skin's protective barrier.

Besides, all you need for this is to:

  • Add 3 tablespoons of salt to a large cup of hot but not scalding water and mix thoroughly.
  • Using a clean, absorbent and soft cloth, soak in the salt solution before squeezing out any excess water.
  • Place the now salt water-soaked cloth over your face.
  • Leave it in place for at least 3 minutes, enough time for the steam to seep in and effectively unclog your pores.

Salt Water as Body Scrub

Ocean water or a salt solution can also act as a natural body scrub. To make one, mix a half cup of salt with a half cup of softened coconut oil or olive oil and work up a thick paste. You could also add about 10 drops of a favorite essential oil. You can now apply the resulting mixture in the shower with a loofah, washcloth or using the tips of your fingers. Be sure to scrub out your skin gently using deliberate circular motions.

using a body scrub

The Takeaway

While there is no refuting that salt water has a handful of beneficial properties that your complexion and skin can make use of, it is hardly a reliable acne solution. So if you have a breakout or are struggling to minimize the conspicuousness of acne scars, you may want to look into proven and professionally formulated acne fighters.

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