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How Do Pimple Patches Work?

How Do Pimple Patches Work?

If you are new to this type of acne treatment, you must be wondering how do pimple patches work especially if you are looking to soothe your skin as well as calm those angry-looking acne lesions. The truth is that the best zit stickers combine an array of skin care ingredients including tea tree oil and salicylic acid to come up with a formulation that doubles up as a reliable over-the-counter treatment with incredible wound-healing properties. Here's a run on whether or not do pimple patches work accompanied with some of the best ways of optimizing their effectiveness.

How do the Pimple Patches Work?

One of the many concerns revolving around the use of these acne zappers is a function of the question; how well do pimple patches work? In their most basic forms, pimple patches are tiny, hydrocolloid-based stickers with a characteristic gummy gel designed to be stuck on pimples or irritated lesions. The idea here is to have a miniaturized blister bandage that helps the skin heal faster and inhibits the activity of acne-causing bacteria.

But, do pimple patches really work? Indeed, they do. Here's the thing, these acne zappers work by extracting any fluid from the lesion or pimple whilst covering the wound to stop further trauma or worsening of the already inflamed spot. This kind of inflammation often results in itching which later culminates in picking, pinching and busting of the pimple, something that does not do any good for your complexion.

Having said that, acne stickers tend to work best on open, healing pustules, and papules. And as much as you may be aware that picking your acne or popping the blackheads makes it exceedingly harder for them to heal, it does not hurt to have such a helpful healer that reminds you of this skin care sin and stops you from committing it.

So, do pimple patches actually work? First of all, it is imperative to make sure that your face is completely dry and free of cosmetic impurities since the patches are not known to stick as well to wet skin. What this implies is that if your freshly popped-out pimple is oozing or leaking, then ensure that you have cleaned out the spot entirely before beginning the application.

How Long Do Pimple Patches Take to Work?

Another concern that people who are new to acne zappers have regarded the question of how long do pimple patches take to work. And this is the tricky part, considering that a majority of pimple patches have to be applied for at least a couple of hours before they start infusing their skin-healing capabilities. In other words, you may want to plan to stick on yours just before bed to give it as much time as possible to impart its skin-healing properties on your skin.

Fortunately, there's no shortage of revolutionary acne patches such as this one by AENO which is inconspicuous enough to be worn even during the day without ruining your makeup or natural complexion.

All other factors held constant, it should take between two to four weeks for the acne zappers to work, as soon as you start applying the hydrocolloid patches on a nightly basis. Even better, these pimple patches are a reliable overnight acne-diminishing solution when a zit pops up on the night just before your big day. We can guarantee that it works way better than dousing the unsightly pimple with toothpaste, which does nothing but irritate the lesion.

Do Pimple Patches Work on Blackheads?

One of the numerous things that you have to remember regarding how pimples patches work is that these acne zappers are largely ineffective against blackheads that are not oozing or leaking. Being a spot mode of treatment, these acne patches need an entry point to start infusing their wound-zapping capabilities. In other words, if the blackhead is not open, then these patches may not be as effective as you may expect.

Do Pimple Patches Work on Whiteheads?

Another problematic angle regarding the effectiveness of pimple patches concerns the question of, do pimple patches work on whiteheads? Again, as illustrated above, as much as these acne zappers may help a lesion that you have accidentally picked heal faster and without leaving acne scar behind, they are largely ineffective against whiteheads that are not leaking.

Do Pimple Patches work on Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown strands of keratin can be a bit of a bummer, but do pimple patches work on ingrown hairs? Fortunately, to some extent, they can. But they would call for a few preliminary treatment measures for them to be effective. Leading dermatologists suggest softening the affected part a bit with a combination of a salt solution and a warm washcloth before even contemplating sticking the acne patch. What this, essentially, does is make the extraction of the ingrown hair easier to the extent that you don't have to keep digging around in the underlying epidermis to get to the hair shaft. Bear in mind this kind of irritation can easily result in an infection, if not an unwanted scar.

Do Pimple Patches Work on Deep Pimples?

Deep pimples, just like severe acne, require a bit of specialized treatment to get rid of and rein in control. If anything, the correct answer to the question, do pimple patches work on deep pimples, is as long as the so-called pimples are not open or draining, then pimple patches will not have any notable effect on them.

At this particular juncture, you need a more targeted mode of zapping these annoying lesions such as AENO's Skin Healing Pills which can neutralize the ballooning pimples from inside out.

Do Pimple Patches Work on Cold Sores?

Cold sores are a bit more complicated than your regular acne pimple. One of the reasons behind this is that the cold sores are primarily caused by a virus outbreak unlike conventional acne papules that are a product of acne-causing bacteria. And this leads us to the question, do pimple patches work on cold sores? Well, unless the acne zapper contains some special antiviral formulation (which most do not), they are quite ineffective against the replication and proliferation of the virus behind the cold sore.

Do Pimple Patches Work on Milia?

Milia are essentially small white bumps that appear on the skin, mostly grouped around the chin, nose and cheeks. They are a result of skin flakes becoming trapped under the skin as a result of an unexplained build-up of keratin.
Having known this, it leads us to the question; do pimple patches work on milia? Unless the pimple patches in question are exfoliating peels that soften the milia bumps, standard acne zappers won't have much of an effect on milia.

In Closing - The Takeaway

As much as acne patches are widely lauded as the holy grail of acne spot treatment, there are certain scenarios where they inadvertently fall short. It is in such cases that you need a more wholesome approach to your acne treatment regime. Fortunately, top-of-the-line brands like AENO offer a one-stop solution to all your skincare concerns regardless of your skin type, color, tone or texture.

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