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Neck Acne - What are Your Treatment Options?

Neck Acne -What are Your Treatment Options?

There's no denying that neck acne can be a little more than just unsettling to most people. For the most part, this is because the hard and small lumps that usually form under the skin are not just painful and itchy but unsightly as well. In fact, for most people acne on neck implies that you will need a combination of potent home remedies, OTC medications, and lifestyle changes just to get rid of these little annoying bumps. The good thing, however, is that breaking out on neck usually responds well to treatment and most people are likely to see positive (or at least encouraging) results within the span of a few weeks.

The Outlook of Back of Neck Acne

It is not uncommon for most people to experience back of neck acne especially if they have oily or combination skin. Pimples are, after all, quite a pervasive dermatological condition affecting tens of millions of people globally. If anything, the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) projects that about 50 million Americans struggle with pimples at some point in their lives. And while a significant portion of people who have acne on the back of neck are usually teenagers, adult sufferers are not left out too.

Speaking of which, a majority of adults who have acne back of neck are usually women who are undergoing a set of hormonal changes, mostly triggered by pregnancy or menstruation. Otherwise, it can be as a result of diet, stress, medications or even genetics. Luckily for you, we have compiled some of the easy DIY ways on how to get rid of acne on neck.

What does Zit on Neck Mean?

Although it is an oft-neglected part of one's skincare regimen, zits on neck show up for the same exact reasons one's face becomes riddled with pimples. Skincare experts and dermatologists believe that the crux of this is clogged pores which usually trigger a number of underlying changes that eventually culminate to hideous-looking zits. What's more, it's also not unheard of for symptoms of hormonal acne to manifest themselves on the neck, especially taking into consideration that breakouts on neck are usually a microcosm of one's entire dermatological profile.

Acne on Neck Meaning, All Other Factors Held Constant

It is no secret that neck breakouts may be more of a nuisance and a real pain than ordinary pimples on your face. For one, they are several times harder to cover up using makeup and occur in an area that is constantly drenched with sweat and rubbing against clothing or jewelry.

Still on the subject of what does acne on your neck mean, it is important to recognize that there are several distinct types of sudden neck acne. And this includes;

  • Pustules: These are neck zits that are typically characterized by bumps which are not just pus-filled but also tender and red.
  • Papules: They are acne back of neck that occur in the form of solid elevations, mostly occurring in distinct clusters almost similar to what happens when you have a rash. In most people, these breakouts on neck will occur along the hairline, especially on the nape.
  • Hormonal acne: Much harder to treat than ordinary acne on my neck pimples considering that they are usually the product of serious hormonal imbalance. These zits on neck often occur during pregnancy or at the start or end of one's menstrual cycle.
  • Nodules: Unlike the typical zit on neck, nodules are deep, painful and severely inflamed lumps that usually occur deep in the recesses of the skin. Most often than not, nodules will require extensive medical intervention given that they are hardly treatable using conventional OTC products.

Neck Acne Causes: Why is Your Skin Breaking Out?

While there are several neck acne causes, they are some that one should be distinctly aware of, especially if they hope to have a smooth, pimple-free neck. These are;

1. Overproduction of Sebum

One of the most plausible answers to what causes neck acne is production of too much oil within and around the nape area. So, if you are secretly wondering why am i getting acne on my neck, then it is possible that you have very active sebaceous glands that are overdrive thereby contributing to the perfect conditions for pimples to form.

2. Using Pore-clogging or Comedogenic Products

Nothing can exacerbate the overproduction of sebum more than using pore-clogging products as far as neck breakouts are concerned. You see, using sunscreen, moisturizers or make up that could potentially clog up your pores means that you are slowly but surely setting yourself up to having a buildup of sweat, grime and acne-causing bacteria. And it won't be long before you start asking yourself why do i have acne on my neck?

3. Poor Hygiene

Using non-comedogenic skincare products won't save you from poor hygiene particularly if you are the type to forget to wash off your makeup before hopping to bed. In fact, people who regularly ask themselves questions like why do i get acne on my neck are very likely to be the same ilk that neglect tending to the neck area. Poor hygiene is made worse if one has overactive sebaceous glands which now means that oil will combine with the sweat to fester an inflammation.

4. Aggressive Exfoliation and Treatment Techniques

Treating neck breakouts can be a slippery slope to most people. And it is no wonder that a sizable chunk of the population have at one time or another wondered aloud, why am i getting acne on my neck? And if you investigate closely, you will realize that although such people appear to be doing everything in the right manner, they are stumbling upon a few pitfalls which then makes it very hard to get rid of the neck zits. One of such pitfalls is trying too many OTC products paired with aggressive exfoliation.

Here's the thing, most OTC neckcare products employ a combination of ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid which may trigger a breakout in people with certain skin types. Apart from worsening the situation, it could mean that you could be left wondering what causes neck acne for a little longer than you had initially anticipated.

5. Stress and Hormonal Fluctuations

A majority of people who are routinely troubled with dilemmas such as what does acne on your neck mean are likely to find the solution nestled within stress and drastic hormonal fluctuations. There is even a 2007 study that revealed how psychological stress and mental anguish is the leading cause of sebum production in adolescents that later morph into serious neck acne sooner or later. In short: more stress, more neck acne.

Here's How to Get Rid of Neck Acne - Staying Ahead of It

Now that we have shed crucial light on the various causes of breakouts on your neck, here's how to get rid of neck acne.

1. Maintain the Highest Possible Hygiene Standards

You are likely to develop neck acne if you don't shower regularly or let sweat, grime and skincare products sit on your skin for long. Regular showers, especially after working out, can help clear elements that could potentially block your skin pores such as

  • Dead skin cells
  • Dirt
  • Sebum
  • Acne-causing bacteria

In other words, if you want to steer clear of acne, be sure to hit the showers regularly to get rid of any hair products such as gels, pomades or leave-in conditioners that may have drenched from your tresses to the back of the neck. Paired with a comprehensive neck acne treatment plan, this can go a long way in clearing the cysts, nodules, pustules and papules.

2. Reach Out for OTC products with Acne-bursting Ingredients

Any acne therapy that you are employing on your face can be safely and effectively extended to the neck area. That implies that OTC acne products such as AENO's Acne Natural Cream that contain crucial acne-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid can really come in handy in arresting the progression of breakouts on your neck. These ingredients have important anti-inflammatory properties that work together to not only destroy acne-causing pathogens but also prevent comedones such as pimples or blackheads from forming. The same applies for other ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or sulfur. Be cautious, though. Some ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide can bleach out fabric, so it's a good idea to let it dry before putting any clothes on.

3. Wear Clean Clothes and Avoiding Pore-clogging Products

Your neck comes into regular contact with clothes that you choose to put on. An unwashed shirt, for instance, could cause or even aggravate the severity of an ongoing neck breakout. It is one of the reasons moisture-wicking clothes are usually highly recommended to people who are constantly working out as they can help repel sweat from the body.

It is a good practice to frequently change your pillows, beddings or even furniture upholstery as these tend to easily accumulate debris, oil and dirt.

In Closing

For many women, acne appearing on the neck could signify that they are either using the wrong (pore-clogging) skin and hair products or they are experiencing a drastic hormonal upswing. Either way, there's no shortage of ways that one can effectively deal with these dermatological disasters before it gets out of hand. Apart from maintaining stellar hygiene standards, experts also advise making proper OTC acne treatment products your friend.

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