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Acne Patches with Salicylic Acid

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What's better than a tiny little sticker that zaps your zits while you enjoy your beauty sleep? Nothing, right? Aeno brings thin and lightweight hydrocolloid acne patches that seal around your zits and pimples to protect them against dirt and bacteria while healing the active pimples and decreasing further breakouts. It reduces the risk of further infection and sticks well to the skin without being irritating.

Guilty of picking your zits? It’s time to pop out your beauty instead!

We have created this unique pimple care solution for all skin types, inflamed or not, it will absorb pus and fluid from your pimples while healing them rapidly. This acne pimple patch is like a hydrating mask for your acne and is completely hypoallergenic; it doesn't dry out your skin and is suitable for all ages.

Whether it is cystic acne or a newly formed zit, this product is your ultimate solution as it will heal your zits and prevents them from spreading on your face.

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Key Features of our Acne (Pimples) Patches

Natural Anti-bacterial formula: We developed these amazing acne stickers by combining the most effective natural ingredients free of harmful substances. It has antibacterial properties that will prevent bacteria.
Waterproof & Breathable: You can wear them during the day, and they would stick to your pimples even on water contact. It is made from comfortable and breathable fabric, and you won't even feel like you are wearing it.
Fast-acting: We have used medical-grade hydrocolloid that reduces acne five times faster than other products. It provides rapid action by absorbing fluid from the pimples and eliminates the bacteria to prevent any new breakouts.
Skin-friendly: No matter what skin type or age, they work perfectly for everyone. Dry, Sensitive, Oily, or Combination, these pimple stickers will perform their magic on anyone.
What is it? Fast and natural treatment offers the skin benefits that you always deserved, find out more here

Pimple Patches Benefits

We all dread getting a pimple the night before an important event or presentation. Whether you have been stressing out or ate too many fries, it results in a big and painful pimple. But they are not that big of a deal anymore, thanks to our fast-acting blemish patches!

Instead of picking and popping your pimples, slap this sticker on top of it!

Unlike conventional spot treatments, these pimple pads will not leave your skin dry and crusty. It works just like your favorite face sheet masks while working its antibacterial and puss absorbing process simultaneously. All you need to do is put it directly on your blemish; it will act like a medicine and a bandage, combating all the bacteria and infections!

Everyone loves using these pimple pads, here's why:

  • They are so comfortable that you won't even feel a thing; we have made them in various sizes so that you can put them according to the size of your blemish
  • We have combined the power of three powerful ingredients, Tea Tree oil, Hyaluronic and salicylic acid. It kills the bacteria, heals your zit and provides moisture.
  • Hydrocolloid formula protects your blemishes from getting reinfecting or spreading to other face areas
  • Hydrocolloid Patches

    When you apply a hydrocolloid acne patch on your affected area, it protects it from sunlight and external bacteria while absorbing the toxins present deep under your skin and accelerating healing. Most of us have a guilty habit of picking our zits; when you have these pads on, it will prevent you from picking on them, reducing further damage. Hydrocolloid is a gel-like material made from natural ingredients like sodium or gelatin; it clings to your skin, irrespective of where you put them.

    Acne Spot Patches

    Unlike other spot patches, we have infused our product with additional blemish-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid and tea tree oil. They both are well-known for their pimple fighting benefits, so you are getting multiple layers of benefits with these tiny stickers! Although they are tiny, they pack a powerful punch of healing properties that prevents them from happening again. It absorbs the puss and other toxins, and once you peel it off, you will see a visible difference in the size and appearance of your blemish.

    Ingredients We carefully picked our ingredients ensuring that each of them is safe and free from any harmful materials
    Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Arnica Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrocolloid